Monday, February 7, 2011

Love makes someone family

We have known Gwen and Don since 2000. They have been dear friends through thick and thin and we have gone through a lot together. Including infertility, adoption and just general "life". I could not ask for better friends and a better support system. They are compassionate, loving, committed, fun and just plain great. They are family. They are family because they love us like family, and we love them like family. There is nothing that bonds people together more closely than doing life together, the good and the bad and though for at least half of the time we have known them they have lived in other places they are always connected in some way and we cherish that.

This year we decided to do our Disney vacation together so that we could actually be together with our families! It was so much fun. The kids had a wonderful time and made great memories. We enjoyed just being around them and sharing family time with them and their beautiful children. My sister Aly also came along to help out and it was wonderful to have her around! These are my favorite people! I have missed my peeps:-)

Here are some highlights from the trip...


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