Friday, October 22, 2010

Boo'ing The Neighbors

So, many of you blog stalkers have read about the "Boo Your Neighbor" concept. I think it's brilliant and wanted to try it out with my kids this Halloween. We had a blast from choosing our goodies to the actual "Boo". Here's what we did!


Lovin' The Crafty Time

First, we made our door hangers with some scrap booking paper, folding it "hot dog style" in half. Then we cut a circle by folding it again and made little cuts around so that it would fit around a door. Then printed out a cute Jack 'O Lantern graphic with "We've Been Boo'd" and glued it on the door hanger. 

Then we attached this little poem to the gift bag:

We used black gift bags with tissue paper that said "boo, trick or treat, happy halloween" all from Target. (PS the black bags were on clearance for .24 cents each!)

We put in them:
Halloween Sugar Cookies (from Target bakery)
Marshmallow Puffs, ghosts and pumpkins
Small First Aid Kit (for a safe Trick Or Treat)

The kids also wanted to make pictures and while we weren't revealing our secret "phantom" identity, I thought that who could resist an adorable picture drawn by my cute kids!

He wanted to make sure they knew that his "bath" was really a bath :-)

And we can't wait to do it again! My Aunt was telling me that there is an old tradition called May Day which follows the same concept of leaving surprises for your neighbors. You do it the first day of May with Spring goodies like cleaning and household supplies, seeds or flowers and spring treats. Wouldn't that be great? I can't wait!

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