Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Care for the widow and the orphan.

"Aware, heart heavy and praying for fathers (and mothers) for the fatherless this time of year. Over 2400 children ranging from newborn to 18 are signed up for Foster Angels in Hillsborough this year and they only have resources for 800 so far. There are thousands of ministries, organizations and families that could use help this and every time of year."
This is my facebook status today. Today I have a heavy heart. I know that God has called me to be an advocate for adoption and to care for orphans. While we wait, I will work to advocate for the fatherless. It is what I can do right now, in my circumstances. One day perhaps I will be across the globe, but for now, I'm starting in my own world. In my own neighborhood. 
I think about the kids in my own community that are waiting for a forever family. They are longing to have someone tuck them in at night and to have a warm home to call their own. They are craving a place to belong. From your back door to across the world there are opportunities to care for orphans.
I realize that most of us do not think naturally about the world around us, only the world that we live in. I challenge you to look at my blog hop link. Visit some of the blogs. Learn about what these amazing families are doing. If you feel that you are not called to adopt, partner with a family who is trying desperately to raise funds to go get their child. Open your eyes to the possibility.
I have heard so many people say to me "oh I don't know if I could love an adopted child the same". First of all- just so you know, that is really offensive to say to an adoptive mother. Just flatly telling you how it is. Secondly, if the basis of loving a child is on sharing DNA, that says a lot about how much you love yourself. God shapes families through DNA, and sometimes through love. It's all by His design. 

For You formed my inward parts;
         You wove me in my mother’s womb.

I will give thanks to You, for I am fearfully and wonderfully made;
         Wonderful are Your works,
         And my soul knows it very well.

My frame was not hidden from You,
         When I was made in secret,
         And skillfully wrought in the depths of the earth;

Your eyes have seen my unformed substance;
         And in Your book were all written
         The days that were ordained for me,
         When as yet there was not one of them. 

God designs our lives. From the womb to the grave. He designs our children's lives. He can fashion a family from two broken halves into a family full of love of joy. He can take a crowded home and cram some more crazy  fun kids in the mix. He can open closed hearts and minds. He can bring mercy and and family to the orphan. He can bring us to far away places to find the parts that belong to our family. He can surprise us with hope in our own back yard. 

Rather you have thought about adoption, foster care or orphan care, do something! All children are equal in God's eyes. All children deserve a loving home. If you truly feel like you are not called to adopt, be the support and the voice for someone who is. 

I can tell you that nothing has made me happier in my life than my own adoptions, and then watching my friends adopt. When my youngest was only 2 months old my goddaughter O came into my best friend's life. We were right there hand in hand with them. We shared their smiles, tears and laughter. We shared their pain and frustration as they waited, their joy and their first moments with their beautiful daughter. And then this last year again we walked the road with friends who adopted their first child. We shared it all with them. We supported them in any way we knew how. 

Now every time I look at these children's faces, I know that God used us to touch their lives. That they are so precious in His sight that he called us to come along side of their parents. They have been adopted into families, communities, churches and into the lives of those who walk along hand in hand with them and their parents.

We just celebrated my friend's Gotcha Day last Thursday. I dragged my two toddlers down to the very courthouse where they were for each of their final hearings. We sat on a bench and watched as they filled the room with their smiles and joy. We watched as precious J was legally adopted into their family. We saw his grandparents, godparents and parents celebrate together the gift of adoption. The very next night I had the unbelievable pleasure of babysitting J while his parents went to a Christmas party. I just hugged on him and played with him. I am so blessed to be a part of his life. I get so emotional when I think of what God has in store for him. I am so glad to know that whatever God's plan is, I'm going to be there to see it come to fruition.

And to know that my own adoptive children are surrounded now with a huge family and friends who will be there through thick and thin. Who will teach them, hold them, love them and protect am humbled at the grace of God. Truly, humbled that his plan includes me as their mother. Hoping that one day they will see that grace fully. I am hoping that I instill in them a passion for caring for orphans and widows.


  1. Did you see my status the other day? 100k adoptable kids. 300k churches. The math is astounding.

  2. Thanks for being an advocate for the fatherless.

  3. Tanya, I did. It really made me think. That is why I am more passionate then ever to talk to people about adoption. I'm thankful that I am surrounded by friends and family that value adoption too.



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