Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Looking into Foster Adoption

Motherhood Blessing

I have been so excited this week. I'm excited because tomorrow night we are going to an orientation meeting with our local Foster Adoption agency called Camelot.

This meeting will be the beginning of our journey towards our next child. I don't have a lot of information yet but I do know that we are hoping to adopt a boy, up to 2 years old and that it may take a really long time for him to come into our lives.

The way Foster Adoption works is when a parent's rights are terminated the child may become eligible for adoption through the state. Parental rights are rarely terminated until a year of "trying" to get their life in order to get their child back. Because of that, many times kids do not become available for adoption until they are older, usually 4 to 5 and older. We are holding out hope that God knows the perfect child for us and that things will go according to His plan.

We do have our eyes and ears open to other possibilities as well but we are hopeful that we will find our son through this process. It takes 10 weeks to go through the training program, then the home-study update, then just waiting. Please pray for us. While excitement and anticipation are the emotions I am feeling now, I know that those emotions can be turned into frustration and impatience. Fortunately we know that God has been knitting our family together like an intricate web from the very beginning and we have faith and hope in His design for our children's lives.

Are you considering Foster Adoption? Have you Foster Adopted? I would love to hear about your thoughts and experiences.

I found this blog with some wonderful resources and information on Adoption and Foster Adoption: Another Small Adventure


  1. Great! Exciting adventure ahead - full of the unknown! Our personal experience is to open your home to emergency placements (not adoption only or even legal risk).

    We have received calls for preschoolers A LOT! We adopted one. 2 were reunited. One we fought to keep.

  2. How exciting! We are thinking about starting the process to adopt through foster care in the next couple of months. Thanks for sharing that blog you found!

  3. Exciting news!! So excited for you guys! I will be praying for sure!

  4. Thanks. Hopefully I'll have some more info on the process to share with you Laurel. It would be wonderful to go through the process with someone!



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