Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Chinese/Asian Themed Birthday Party or Shower

Check out this adorable Asian themed party!
There are even instructions for how to make this lovely invite:

You could easily use these ideas and translate them into a different color theme or switch it up a bit so that you could have a boy's party or shower. I love the dipped fortune cookies and the fruit kabobs!

I also found this Asian themed baby shower with Sushi diaper cakes!! Too Cute!

Hungry for Sushi CAKE? Check out the tutorial!

Completed Project: Ikura Sushi Birthday Cake Picture #1

Use this simple idea for center pieces:

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  1. How lovely birthday party theme!! Truly, I have never been to such a wonderful birthday party. Thank you for sharing all these pictures. At some local outdoor event venues I would love to plan such party for my little princess who is going to turn 8 very soon.



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