Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Superman Was Adopted Party

Ok, so a while ago I ran across an adorable onsie that said "Superman was adopted" and I loved it. I got to thinking this week about a boy gotcha party theme and that onsie ran across my mind again. Then I saw a super-hero party on Facebook this morning and it hit me- Super Hero Gotcha party...why not? This would be great for older toddlers and children because it is fun and boy without being too "done". It's also a cool way to tie in adoption to the theme. You could use this idea for a baby too!

You can get more design ideas using their designs here:

Here is a DIY Super Hero Party for more ideas:

Adorable Super Hero favors:

Kryptonite Favors with downloadable template:

Super Hero Printables:

Superhero party - Personalized DIY printable cupcake wrapper and topper set

Vintage SUPER HEROS Birthday Party - Printable Hero Sandwich Labels

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