Thursday, May 5, 2011

A Mother's Legacy

This is a lovely picture of my Grandmother holding my mother as a baby. Every Mother's Day I think of the wonderful legacy that the women in my life have left.

 My Grandmother passed away when I was 11 on Mother's Day. I will never forget that day. Even though I was young...I understood the pain of losing someone so beloved. More so, losing someone painfully- to cancer. It brings tears to my eyes to this day to think of what a loss this world had that day. 

My grandmother was beautiful, inside and out. She was strong, incredibly kind and always had a sense of humor. She was the type of woman that I believed could do anything! She was very intelligent,  crafty, a great baker, gardener, teacher and wonderful.... wonderful Grandmother.

 I know that she was the best kind of mother to my mom and her sister and brothers too. I know they miss her sweet smiles and warm hugs. I know they miss her laugh and words of wisdom. I know they miss her stories (she was the best story teller I've known). I know, they miss her.

The best thing about remembering my Grandmother is knowing that being a good mom and Grandmother was  an important part of her legacy and she accomplished that in her life. She left an impression on so many lives and has inspired so many. 

If she were alive today I know that she would say that she is incredibly proud of her children. They have all accomplished great things and all of them have BEAUTIFUL families.

Let's look at my family...My mom Sherry...

The whole family including husbands, wives, grandkids and cousins minus my family

Family reunion with all of the extended family including Aunts, Uncles, Grandparents, and Cousins,  minus my family.

There are SO MANY of us that it is hard to all be together in one place at one time! And it just keeps on growing! My mom had 10 children.


Joshua, Ella, Bennett, Livi and his wife Leah
Kristin, Julie, Kayla, Mariah, her husband Anthony, lil' Anthony, Emily and Olivia

{Photo credit: Rachel Grace Photography} Jonathan and his lovely wife Esther

4)My self, Sarah:

My husband Tony, Michael, Sophia and me

{Photo Credit: Rachel Grace Photography} Rebekah's husband Donald, Jack, Riley and Rebekah


7) Benjamin

{photo credit: Rachel Grace Photography}

and 9 & 10) Noah and Josiah:
Josiah and Noah

All of us have been touched by my Grandmother's legacy. 

If I could speak to her today I would tell her that my life is not the same without her presence. I would tell her just how beautiful and lovely she is and how much I love, respect and admire her. 

I'd also thank her for giving my own mom and me the wonderful example of mothering that she gave. Every aspect of my desire to be a good mom stems from her. She made me feel like the most special child in the world when I felt lost in the crowd of 10 kids. She made me feel like I could accomplish anything I set my mind to. 

I would also tell her that she gave my mom so many of her wonderful attributes. My mom is loving, incredibly compassionate and kind. She sees injustice in the world and takes action. She's witty, talented, smart and very tender. She loves her kids and her grandkids with the same sort of warmth and devotion. She sees the good in people and the world around her. 

As I grow older and look at my mom through "mom" eyes I see that she has given 10 kids an incredible gift. She's shown us that life is "not about me". It's about more than just the you and I. For that and many many other gifts that my mom has given....
Thank you. 

Thank you for the wonderful mom that you are and continue to be. Thank you for your love and example. Thank you for being an amazing Grandmother to my kids. For them, you are leaving the best legacy. To think, they have you by the grace of God as their Grandmother. What a wonder that is!

To all of the Mothers and Grandmothers out there that love without abandon and touch lives, Happy Mother's Day! 

{In loving memory of Minnie, the best Grandmother a girl could ever dream of having. I miss you.}


  1. What a beautiful tribute to Mom! I am honored too. Thank you!

  2. I've got tears in my eyes, Sarah. This is such a beautiful post. Thank you for sharing sis.



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